Wind Turbine Gearbox Service Technicians

Service Technicians fulfill a vital role in the relationship between Eickhoff Corporation and its customers.
It is important that personnel involved in this function fully understand what is expected from them both by Eickhoff Corporation and the end user of the equipment.

A Service Technician is first and foremost our support for the customer. Service Technicians are expected to be available to perform repairs on customer equipment on a moment’s notice, both in the shop and in the field. The primary role of the Service Technician is to safely repair, maintain, and maximize the performance of the equipment.

In order to be considered competent there are several essential attributes the Service Technician must possess.

An excellent Service Technician must have a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the machine. In order for our customers to expect the highest quality out of Eickhoff equipment, it is imperative that our technicians have the best understanding of the equipment. Not only will this ensure that any repair or maintenance work performed by a service technician will be of the highest quality, but it will also enable the customer to ask any questions they may have about their equipment and know that they are getting the answer they need. In general terms it is the job of an Eickhoff Service Technician to maintain the machinery and assist the customer in any way that concerns the equipment in question.

Individuals with prior technical experience is preferred, but not necessary. Training will be provided to those with little to no service experience. Some (but not all) of the functions of the competent service Technician are listed below:

1. Having a very strong work ethic and strong organizational skills.

2. Able to work independently or part of a team.

3. Keep updated on necessary training of the safe operation of the machine.

4. Keep updated on necessary training of the safe maintenance/repair of the machine.

5. Keep updated on necessary training of safety while in a workshop environment.

6. Assists customer maintenance personnel to find and diagnose electrical and mechanical faults in gearboxes for wind turbines.

7. Assists customer maintenance personnel to replace faulty or damaged parts of gearboxes for wind turbines.

8. Maintains a detailed record of maintenance/repair performed on gearboxes for wind turbines.

9. Liaises with Eickhoff warehouse personnel for the delivery of new spare parts and return to the supplier any failed parts used in the operation of the equipment.

10. Critically examines the condition of the gearbox and plans any remedial work that may be required. Both visual and auditory examinations are required.

11. Makes suggestions regarding equipment improvements that can be made to enhance the product.

12. Makes suggestions regarding workshop practices or procedures that enhance the safe execution of tasks in the Eickhoff Corporation workshop.

13. Assists with “off-site” O.E.M rebuilds of any piece of equipment manufactured by Eickhoff. Such duties comprise of but are not limited to:-

  a. As received condition report
b. Correct disassembly c. Cleaning of parts
d. Inspection
e. Rebuild components using standard procedures f. Testing of rebuilt components.
g. Final test reporting

14. Liaises with U.S vendors regarding technical matters relating to all rebuilds or manufacturing of new parts.

15. Willing to travel (approximately 60%)

Interested candidates can submit their CV to